HUB Parts

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HUB Parts
HUB Parts.png
The parts required to build the basic structure of The HUB.
Unlocked at Tier 0
Stack Size 1
Blueprint Path


The HUB Parts are a special item used to construct The HUB. They are obtained by dismantling the Drop-pod at the start of the game by pressing F, aiming at the Drop-pod and holding down the Left for 1 second, by deconstructing The HUB anytime afterwards, or if is Onboarding skipped, will be granted to the engineer right at the beginning.

Losing HUB Parts[edit | edit source]

Without the HUB Parts, The HUB cannot be constructed, which is a building essential throughout the whole game. Therefore, the game has certain measures to prevent the player from losing this item:

  • HUB Parts cannot be deleted by dragging it into the inventory trash slot.
  • If the engineer carrying the HUB Parts dies, the HUB Parts will come back to the engineer's inventory upon respawn. All other items are dropped and kept inside a spawned player's crate, including the very first Xeno-Zapper.
  • In a multiplayer game, if a client player that is carrying HUB Parts disconnects, new HUB Parts will be granted to the first player who respawns. This allows for multiple HUB Parts to be obtained, however, only one HUB can be built at a time.

Usage[edit | edit source]

HUB Parts are only used to construct the HUB.

History[edit | edit source]