Giant Flying Manta

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Giant Flying Manta
Manta With Flock.png
Hitpoints N/A (Does not take damage)
Behavior Neutral

The Giant Flying Manta is a type of large flying creature that patrols around the world.

Location[edit | edit source]

A Manta can be located at these starting areas:

The paths of two Mantas in the map. Both circuits take exactly 5 minutes.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

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Giant Flying Mantas glide through the sky, and are accompanied by swarms of small flying creatures. Each manta patrols on a fixed path. The round-trip time for each manta is exactly 5 minutes. The manta and its flock are immune to the engineer's attacks. Engineers can jump onto its back and take a ride. Doing so generally requires a  Jetpack or tall Ladder. Take caution as the engineer can only stay on the center part of its body, standing too near to the edge of the wing can cause engineers to fall and suffer massive fall damage.

When flying, mantas avoid all the terrain features, such as flying above small hills, dive into ravines, passing through stone arches and spiraling around rock spires. By riding on the manta, engineers have the opportunity to discover interesting terrain features, such as resource nodes, Power Slugs, Crash Sites, Mercer Spheres and Somersloops.

If man-made buildings are built in its path, it will simply fly through them as there is no collision between the Manta and the buildings. The engineer however, if standing on it, does collide with the buildings and be pushed away from Manta.

Its body emits blue lights during the night.

Riding[edit | edit source]

Be sure to stand near the center of its back to avoid falls. The Manta around the Northern Forest tilts more, so its safe spot is narrower.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike an engineer, vehicles cannot be on the surface of Manta’s skin, as they fall through it.
  • Its name comes from the Patch 0.1 patch notes
  • It resembles a much larger version of the Skyray from the survival game Subnautica.

History[edit | edit source]