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Freight Car
Freight Car.png
The Freight Car is used to transport large quantity of resources from one place to another. Resources are loaded or unloaded at Freight Platforms.
Must be build on Railway.
Type Vehicle
Inventory 32 or 500m³ slots
Crafted In Equipment Workshop
Pieces Made
Heavy Modular Frame.png
Steel Pipe.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
4 ×  Heavy Modular Frame
20 ×  Modular Frame
30 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
180 ×  Iron Plate
270 ×  Iron Ingot
270 ×  Iron Ore
360 ×  Screw
90 ×  Iron Rod
90 ×  Iron Ingot
90 ×  Iron Ore
120 ×  Iron Rod
120 ×  Iron Ingot
120 ×  Iron Ore
60 ×  Steel Pipe
90 ×  Steel Ingot
90 ×  Iron Ore
90 ×  Coal
20 ×  Encased Industrial Beam
100 ×  Concrete
300 ×  Limestone
80 ×  Steel Beam
320 ×  Steel Ingot
320 ×  Iron Ore
320 ×  Coal
400 ×  Screw
100 ×  Iron Rod
100 ×  Iron Ingot
100 ×  Iron Ore
10 ×  Steel Pipe
15 ×  Steel Ingot
15 ×  Iron Ore
15 ×  Coal
Total Base Ingredients
1005 ×  Iron Ore
425 ×  Coal
300 ×  Limestone

A Freight Car can be attached to an Electric Locomotive or another freight car and has inventory of 32 slots which allows transportation of resources over Railway. Freight cars can be loaded and unloaded via the Freight Platform.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • The container will only be displayed if there is at least one item in the freight car's inventory.
  • If no item is present, the freight car will appear as the base only.
  • The inventory count of the freight car doesn't seem to affect the train speed.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

If the player is standing on an empty freight car and manually places items in its inventory, the cargo crate will spawn and instantly kill the player.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the unloading animation, the crane at the Freight Platform will grab the container from the freight car then drop at the cargo of the freight platform.
  • If the remaining empty space of the freight platform is less then the inventory of the freight car being unloaded, the container will remain on the freight car after being unloaded. The excess material will remain in the freight car.

See Also[edit | edit source]

A train with four Freight Cars at Freight Platform.