Flying Crab Hatcher

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Flying Crab Hatcher
Flying Crab Hatcher.png
Plantlike creatures featuring glowing, hanging bulbs
Hitpoints 1
Behavior Hostile, stationary
Alien Carapace.png

Flying Crab Hatchers are plant-like creatures with 6 glowing, hanging bulbs. Often found near rivers, cliff edges, Power Slugs and crashed drop pods, approaching or attacking (via Rebar Gun, for example) these creatures will cause the bulbs to burst, spawning 3 Flying Crabs and kills the original plant. A dead Flying Crab Hatcher drops a recolored Alien Carapace as loot.

Flying Crab Hatcher regrows after some time, if the player did not collect the dropped carapace. When a Nobelisk touches it directly or it's blown up by it, the Flying Crabs will spawn anyway.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • It's easier to snipe the plant with a Rebar Gun or rifle first, then approach the flying crabs one by one (rather than having them come at the engineer all at once)
  • While unagressed, the flying crabs flit about with a second or two's pause in between, making them also fairly easy to snipe.
  • Try to avoid triggering more than one hatcher plant at a time.
  • Another way of attacking is to get close quickly and destroy some bulbs with the Xeno-Basher before they explode, killing multiple flying crabs at once.
  • Make sure to always pick up the Carapace to prevent its regrowth.
  • It is possible to stay much closer to the hatcher by hiding behind foliage (Trees, Shrubs etc.)

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