Flying Crab Hatcher

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Flying Crab Hatcher
Flying Crab Hatcher.png
Plantlike creatures featuring glowing, hanging bulbs
Hitpoints 1
Behavior Hostile, stationary
Alien Carapace.png

Flying Crab Hatchers are plant-like creatures with 6 glowing, hanging bulbs. Often found near rivers, cliff edges, Power Slugs and Crash Sites, approaching or attacking (via Rebar Gun, for example) these creatures will cause the bulbs to burst, spawning 3 Flying Crabs and killing the plant. A dead Flying Crab Hatcher drops a recolored Alien Carapace as loot.

Flying Crab Hatcher regrows after some time if the player did not build and power buildings in the area, like all other enemies. When a Nobelisk touches it directly or it's blown up by it, the Flying Crabs will spawn anyway. Landing a Nobelisk directly on the plant will cause the Nobelisk to disappear.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Build an Equipment Workshop nearby the Flying Crab Hatcher before approaching it.
    • It has a window and roof with some wall which is a good cover.
  • It's easier to snipe the plant with a Rebar Gun or Rifle first, then approach the Flying Crabs one by one (rather than having them come at the engineer all at once)
  • While not aggroed, the Flying Crabs flit about with a second or two's pause in between, making them also fairly easy to snipe.
  • Try to avoid triggering more than one hatcher plant at a time.
  • Another way of attacking is to get close quickly and destroy some bulbs with the Xeno-Basher before they explode, killing multiple flying crabs at once.
  • It is possible to stay much closer to the hatcher by hiding behind foliage (Trees, Shrubs, etc.)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the engineer quickly hides behind a cover while the Hatcher is halfway bursting, the hatcher will go back to its dormant state and will not burst.
  • It is likely that the flying crab hatcher itself, or the bulbs it sports, is/are the eggs of maybe the Crab Boss, which would mean that the flying crabs are only the younglings of the species.

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