Flying Crab

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Flying Crab
Flying Crab.png
A tiny flying creature that attacks the player
Hitpoints 6
Damage 5
Behavior Hostile

The Flying Crab is a small, hostile flying creature that damages the player upon contact. Flying Crabs only spawn from Flying Crab Hatchers, and are roughly the size of an engineer's head.

Stats[edit | edit source]

It takes 2 hits from the  Xeno-Zapper to kill, while the  Xeno-Basher or the  Rifle can kill it in 1 hit. It deals 5 damage (half-segment) upon contact with the player.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Flying Crab Hatchers burst when damaged or if an engineer gets too close, spawning three Flying Crabs, each with a different attacking pattern. One of the three will charge towards the engineer in a straight line, one will fly in a serpentine pattern and the other one will circle around the engineer and sneak up from behind. After hitting the engineer, the crab will ragdoll on the ground, then after a few seconds it will start flying around again.

If the hatcher is destroyed from a distance, the Flying Crabs will alternate between moving short distances and hovering, patrolling near where their hatcher was.

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Once you have unlocked the Rebar Gun or Rifle, shooting the Flying Crab Hatcher and Flying Crabs from a distance is the easiest way to kill them.
    • Flying Crabs despawn automatically after 30 seconds if no engineer is nearby, so you actually only need to shoot the hatcher. If you get too close the crabs won't despawn.
    • Nobelisk is not effective against them. Crabs can easily move out of the explosion range.
  • If only a melee weapon is available, such as a Xeno-Zapper, ensure you have at least 50 HP left (5 segments).
  • Build an Equipment Workshop near the Flying Crab Hatcher.
    • It has a window and roof with some walls that provide good cover.
  • Try to only trigger one Flying Crab Hatcher at a time.
    • The hatcher will spawn 3 flying crabs.
  • First kill the one which is charging at you in a straight line. You need 2 hits with a Xeno-Zapper or 1 hit with a Xeno-Basher.
    • If the crab takes damage, it will fall to the ground and roll. Move forward and kill it.
    • Similarly, a crab that attacked you will also bounce away and roll on the ground.
  • One of the remaining Flying Crabs will be right behind you. Turn around and attack it.
  • The other might already have bumped into you from the other side. Each crab's tackle attack deals 5 damage (half a segment).
  • Back off and watch them, and attack whichever comes to you first.
  • Repeat until all 3 crabs are killed.
  • Loot the dropped Alien Carapace for later use.
  • If you are low on health, you may choose to flee.
    • A Flying Crab's speed is lower than the engineer's running speed, so it is easy to outrun them.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Flying Crabs themselves drop nothing, but a destroyed hatcher drops a reskinned Alien Carapace.

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch Increased hitstun on the Flying Crabs a little more
  • Patch
    • Increased the size of Flying Crabs to make them easier to hit and track
    • Increased the stun delay and downward force on the Flying Crabs so they are on the ground a little bit longer
  • Patch 0.2.1?: No longer simply fly in straight lines, but have 3 different movement patters, making defeating them significantly more challenging