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There are many easter eggs that can be found or will randomly happen in the game based on your actions.

World[edit | edit source]

  • In Coffee Stain's Satisfactory level design stream, at one point a model of a "pipe" is shown to exist below a part of the map, in reference to a pervasive community meme.[1] It is unclear if this Easter egg was included in the game's current or past release builds, however.

Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Occasionally, when pressing the pod launch button at the HUB terminal, a large cartoon fist will appear and slam down on the button, with an accompanying "boom" sound.
  • Sometimes, the MAM interface hologram texture can be briefly replaced by the face of Simon, one of the developers of Satisfactory.[2]
The fist easter egg

Emotes and Animations[edit | edit source]

Naruto[edit | edit source]

  • Occasionally when doing the clap emote the player might do a sequence of Naruto hand gestures where red bugs shoot out of your hand.[3]
  • Sometimes the default sprinting animation gets replaced by a Naruto running animation.[4] Obviously this is only visible to other players.

ADA voicelines[edit | edit source]

These ADA voice line might play when doing certain emotes:

  • Twirl: "Quickest draw in the galactic quadrant" [5]
  • Twirl: "Yeehaw" [6]
  • Twirl: "Howdy Partner"

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • When picking up the Resource Scanner the player smoothes down a sticker of BoxBoy from Coffee Stain Studios' first game I <3 Strawberries.[7]
  • The Construction Tool has numerous lines of text printed on its casing.
  • Rarely when reloading the Rebar Gun you can drop it from your hand before it flies back.[8]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Numerous buildings feature some subtle Easter eggs:

  • Many of the buildings feature sequences of letters and numbers that spell out words related to their functions in "l33t speak".
  • On the back side of the Equipment Workshop you can find a Sanctum 2 picture in reference to Coffee Stains game, Sanctum 2.

In the HUB[edit | edit source]

These Easter eggs can be found after the HUB is upgraded to level 5 (the final upgrade). In the little room where the MAM is, several terminals appear, one of which has a “friends list” open with well known supporters of Satisfactory and other people in the community on it. The other monitors also have small Easter eggs on them such as the Goat Simulator avatar. One screen shows an "Orange Screen Of Death". There is a toilet cubicle, but FICSIT has not provided you with any toilet paper, why else are collecting all those leaves... not for burning I hope.

Sound[edit | edit source]

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