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Cyber Wagon
Cyber Wagon.png
Absolutely indestructible.
Needs no further introduction.
Type Vehicle
Inventory 1 slot
Power 150 MW
Max speed 20 km/h
0-50 km/h N/A s
Crafted In Equipment Workshop
Pieces Made
Reinforced Iron Plate.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
10 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
60 ×  Iron Plate
90 ×  Iron Ingot
90 ×  Iron Ore
120 ×  Screw
30 ×  Iron Rod
30 ×  Iron Ingot
30 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
120 ×  Iron Ore

The Cyber Wagon is a vehicle, originally jokingly annouced shortly after the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, that was later introduced into the game after enough positive feedback. It can be unlocked in the AWESOME Shop for 20 Coupons, after a single Coupon has been fed into the AWESOME Sink.

Its inventory is located behind of the vehicle. It has a single inventory slot in addition to a fuel slot. Its cargo lacks a openable cover animation. Both the windows on its left are cracked, due to some 'testing'.

Due to its square wheels, it's a very inefficient vehicle. But the cyber wagon gets launched at a very high distance when driven on a launch pad. When inside, the Engineer is placed several meters below the vehicle, clipping through the ground.

Similar to trains, it lacks a health bar, and is therefore immune to enemy attacks. While inside, the engineer is immune to fall damage.

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