Crude Oil

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Crude Oil
Crude Oil.png
Crude Oil is refined into all kinds of Oil-based resources, like Fuel and Plastic.
Category Ores
Stage Expansion
Stack Size 100
Blueprint Path


Crafted In Oil Pump
Crafting Time 0.5s
Pieces Made 1

Crude Oil is a resource found in the world. It is refined into all kinds of Oil-based resources, like fuel and plastic. It can additionally be utilized directly as fuel for vehicles.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crude oil may be located using the Resource Scanner after completing the tier 5 milestone "Oil Processing". It can't be mined manually, but it can be extracted with a Portable Miner or an Oil Pump.

Produced Items per Minute
Oil Pump MK1

It can also be obtained from cutting down certain plants that contain oil.

There are currently 33 Crude Oil Resource nodes in-game; 26 normal, and 7 pure.[1] This means the upper limit of harvest rate is 12.000 Crude Oil/min (Oil Pumps with 250% overclock, Mk.6 belt).[2]

Total Oil Nodes
TypeNumberRate Mk1Rate Mk1 at 250 %
Impure 9 540 1350
Normal 26 3120 7800
Pure 7 1680 4200
Total 42 5340 12300* / 13350

*Note: The maximum rate with a Miner MK2 at 250 % is 600/min, whereas a Belt MK4 can only carry 450/min, so the maximum mined number is not possible to transport.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Used to craft
IngredientsTime (s)Product
8 × Crude Oil.png Crude Oil 8 5 × Fuel.png Fuel
4 × Crude Oil.png Crude Oil 8 3 × Plastic.png Plastic
4 × Crude Oil.png Crude Oil 8 4 × Rubber.png Rubber

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