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A crash site in the Dune Desert
A crash site found in a lake.
Another crash site found near a lake at Blue Crater.

Crash Site refers to a crashed FICSIT Freighter (Drop Pod) and its surrounding area. They can be found all across the World.[1] Scattered around the Crash Site are various components such as wires, reinforced iron plates, computers, etc. There will also be a FICSIT Freighter that (usually) needs to be repaired in order to access the Hard Drive inside it. They are generally either located in hard-to-access areas, or are guarded by large hostile creatures. Some crash sites may be located inside Poison Gas or surrounded by Radioactive Uranium deposits.

Locating[edit | edit source]

  • Upon researched 'Radio Signal Scanning' you could scan crash sites with Object Scanner. With the object scanner equipped, Right until the Crash Site is selected.
  • Players could refer to online maps for Crash Site locations and the requirement to unlock it. Take note their z-position which represent the elevation, and plan ahead.

Retrieving The Hard Drive[edit | edit source]

First the Freighter needs to be repaired. Open the Freighter's UI to find out what specific items need to be present in the Engineer's Inventory. Alternatively, the Freighter may require Power to be repaired. If this is the case, build temporary Biomass Burners to supply it with temporary power, or connect it to a Power Grid. The supplied power must not be less than the required power else there will be a power trip.

When the requirements are fulfilled, the handle on the Freighter's UI can be dragged down, opening a hatch and allowing the Engineer to retrieve the Hard Drive.

Tips[edit | edit source]

As mentioned above, it is advised to keep building materials for Biomass Burners. Using other types of generators will require fluid input which may be complicated to setup for such temporary works. If large amount of power is required, consider hooking it into the main Power Grid. The most common items needed to open the pods are Rotors and Circuit Boards, but in some cases they require High-Speed Connectors, Modular Frames, or Black Powder. It is advised to bring plenty of ammo for the Rifle , a Jetpack and a Gas Mask.

Possible challenges when searching for crash sites:

Challenges Solution
Cliffs Jetpack, ladders, foundations
Poison Gas / Spore Flower Gas Mask / Nobelisk Detonator
Radioactive Uranium deposits Hazmat Suit
Fauna/Alpha Fauna Xeno-Basher / Rifle

It is possible to have a combination of challenges at a single crash site. Thus it is advised to save the game before attempting to approach it.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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