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Craft Bench
Craft Bench.png
Allows you to manually craft a large range of different parts.
These parts can then be used in construction of different factory buildings, vehicles and equipment.
Category Production
Subcategory Workstations
Unlocks at Tier 0

Power Usage 0 MW
Overclockable No
Inputs 0
Outputs 0
Width 6 m
Length 3 m
Height 3 m
Iron Plate.png
Iron Rod.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
3 ×  Iron Plate
5 ×  Iron Ingot
5 ×  Iron Ore
3 ×  Iron Rod
3 ×  Iron Ingot
3 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
8 ×  Iron Ore

The Craft Bench is a basic manual crafting station. The HUB has a Craft Bench built into it, but additional benches can be constructed elsewhere through the build menu. Almost all components in the game can be crafted here except for equipment, which must be crafted in an Equipment Workshop.

Alternate Recipes must be automated in machines and cannot be crafted at the craft bench.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Each craft bench can be only be occupied by one player at a time, so building multiple craft benches in a multiplayer game is recommended.

Behind A Vehicle[edit | edit source]

The Tractor and the Truck both come with a free craft bench at the back of the vehicle.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Single ingredient items, also refer to Constructor. Each crafting step takes 0.45 seconds.

Establishing Stage
Input Output Crafting Steps
2x  Iron Ingot 1x  Iron Plate 1
1x  Iron Ingot 1x  Iron Rod 1
1x  Copper Ingot 3x  Wire 1
2x  Wire 1x  Cable 1
10x  Leaves 6x  Biomass 1
3x  Limestone 1x  Concrete 1
1x  Iron Rod 6x  Screw 1
5x  Wood 25x  Biomass 1
1x  Green Power Slug 1x  Power Shard (1) 3
4x  Biomass 2x  Biofuel 1
3x  Steel Ingot 1x  Steel Beam 2
1x  Steel Ingot 1x  Steel Pipe 1
10x  Mycelia 10x  Biomass 1
25x  Flower Petals 50x  Color Cartridge 10
1x  Iron Rod 1x  Spiked Rebar 1
1x  Alien Carapace 100x  Biomass 1
1x  Yellow Power Slug 2x  Power Shard (2) 4
1x  Caterium Ingot 4x  Quickwire 1
1x  Purple Power Slug 5x  Power Shard (3) 5
Alternate Recipes
Input Output Crafting Steps
2x  Iron Ingot 12x  Screw 2
2x  Iron Ingot 9x  Wire 2
1x  Caterium Ingot 9x  Wire 2

Dual-ingredient items, also refer to Assembler.

Establishing Stage
Input Output Crafting Steps
4x  Iron Plate
24x  Screw
1x  Reinforced Iron Plate 3
3x  Iron Rod
22x  Screw
1x  Rotor 3
3x  Reinforced Iron Plate
6x  Iron Rod
1x  Modular Frame 4
4x  Steel Beam
5x  Concrete
1x  Encased Industrial Beam 4
3x  Steel Pipe
10x  Wire
1x  Stator 3
2x  Rotor
2x  Stator
1x  Motor 3
1x  Mycelia
2x  Leaves
1x  Fabric 1
12x  Wire
6x  Plastic
1x  Circuit Board 3
1x  Circuit Board
18x  Quickwire
1x  A.I. Limiter 3
Alternate Recipes
Input Output Crafting Steps
10x  Iron Plate
24x  Screw
3x  Reinforced Iron Plate 6
6x  Iron Plate
30x  Wire
3x  Reinforced Iron Plate 6
18x  Steel Pipe
10x  Concrete
3x  Encased Industrial Beam 8
6x  Reinforced Iron Plate
6x  Steel Pipe
3x  Modular Frame 8
6x  Steel Pipe
20x  Wire
3x  Rotor 5
6x  Steel Pipe
25x  Quickwire
3x  Stator 5
3x  Wire
2x  Rubber
5x  Cable 2
16x  Rubber
24x  Wire
3x  Circuit Board 6
1x  Caterium Ingot
2x  Copper Ingot
12x  Quickwire 2
12x  Plastic
32x  Quickwire
3x  Circuit Board 6

Triple or quad-ingredient items, also refer to Manufacturer.

Input Output Crafting Steps
5x  Modular Frame
15x  Steel Pipe
5x  Encased Industrial Beam
90x  Screw
1x  Heavy Modular Frame 8
5x  Circuit Board
12x  Cable
18x  Plastic
60x  Screw
1x  Computer 8
2x  Computer
2x  A.I. Limiter
3x  High-Speed Connector
21x  Plastic
1x  Supercomputer 8
40x  Quickwire
10x  Cable
6x  Plastic
1x  High-Speed Connector 6
5x  Coal
2x  Rubber
2x  Fabric
1x  Filter 2
Alternate Recipes
Input Output Crafting Steps
8x  Modular Frame
10x  Encased Industrial Beam
36x  Steel Pipe
25x  Concrete
3x  Heavy Modular Frame 16
10x  Circuit Board
112x  Quickwire
48x  Rubber
3x  Computer 16

Smelting Recipes

Input Output Crafting Steps
1x  Iron Ore 1x  Iron Ingot 2
1x  Copper Ore 1x  Copper Ingot 2
3x  Iron Ore
3x  Coal
2x  Steel Ingot 4
4x  Caterium Ore 1x  Caterium Ingot 4
Alternate Smelting Recipes
Input Output Crafting Steps
1x  Iron Ore
1x  Copper Ore
3x  Iron Ingot 4
3x  Iron Ingot
6x  Coal
6x  Steel Ingot 8

Refinery Recipes

Input Output Crafting Steps
4x  Crude Oil 3x  Plastic 2
8x  Crude Oil 5x  Fuel 2
4x  Crude Oil 4x  Rubber 2

Mass Crafting[edit | edit source]

To craft, the player can press (and hold) space instead of the left mouse button. This can be helpful when the player wants to hand-craft a large number of items. After continuously crafting for a while, the hammer button will start glowing red, and boiling sounds can be heard. This seems to have no effect on the game.

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Patch 0.3:
    • Crafting is now 33% slower (the time to do 3 steps previously now only does 2 steps).
    • Tweaked the amount of crafting steps of many items.
    • Clicking the metal area surrounding the Craft button now produces a cosmetic "hammer hit" effect.
  • Patch Model updated