Crab Boss

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Crab Boss
Crab Boss.png
Behavior Hostile

The Crab Boss is a placeholder name given to a giant creature seen in the E3 trailer and briefly in the Animation Highlight.[1][2][3]

In a Q&A video released by Coffee Stain, the creature has been named a Big Angry Crab, and it has been hinted at its implementation in the future.[4] It has been later revealed that the reason it's not implemented yet is due to pathfinding issues.[5]

Speculation[edit | edit source]

  • It may be some manner of boss.
  • It is possible that the Flying Crab Hatchers are its eggs. This is especially a reasonable speculation considering that the Crab Boss is shown throwing Flying Crabs at the engineer in the E3 trailer.
  • Though it may be the same species as the Flying Crabs, it appears to be standing on the ground rather than flying, which means it could be incapable of flight. It is also seen screaming/roaring, which hints towards a different sound than the Flying Crabs.

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