Conveyor Pole Stackable

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Conveyor Pole Stackable
Conveyor Pole Stackable.png
Conveyor pole with fixed size that is stackable
Category Logistics
Subcategory Conveyor Belts
Unlocks at Tier 3

Inputs 1
Outputs 1
Width 2 m
Length 1 m
Height 2+1m m
Iron Rod.png
Iron Plate.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
2 ×  Iron Rod
2 ×  Iron Ingot
2 ×  Iron Ore
2 ×  Iron Plate
4 ×  Iron Ingot
4 ×  Iron Ore
2 ×  Concrete
6 ×  Limestone
Total Base Ingredients
6 ×  Iron Ore
6 ×  Limestone

The Conveyor Pole Stackable is a ladder-like version of a Conveyor Pole that can be stacked on top of Conveyor Poles and itself, allowing running multiple different belts on top of each other with ease. Conveyor Poles Stackables must be placed separately from the conveyor belt and pole, with each additional stack adding one extra spot for a belt to be run.

Ladders[edit | edit source]

Both sides of the stackable conveyor pole have ladders, making it useful for reaching high places. It is cheap to construct and can be stacked indefinitely. However, it can't be built downward.

Height[edit | edit source]

The pole's height is 3 meters, with additional 2 meters with every stack above it. This is high enough for an Engineer to walk beneath. A regular Conveyor Pole can be placed beneath a stackable conveyor pole.

Known Bugs[edit | edit source]

When you are building a stack, they can sometimes be built multiple times in the same spot without automatically moving up to the next stack slot. To avoid this, slow down and make sure the blueprint hologram is above the existing stack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the icon displays multiple levels and appears to contain a built in conveyor pole, each stacker only has a space for one belt and lacks the pole in the icon.
  • It does not have a collision box, so it can be built inside the collision box of other buildings.
  • To simply let the player gain height the most easy way is to build Walkway Ramps.