Foundation 8m x 4m

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Foundation 8m x 4m
Foundation 8m x 4m.png
Provides a flat floor to build your factory on. Buildings on top of the foundation are adjusted to a grid, making it easier to line them up to each other.
Category Foundations
Unlocks at Tier 0
Width 8m
Length 8m
Height 4m
Pieces Made 1
Resources breakdown [Expand]
6 × Concrete.png Concrete
18 × Limestone.png Limestone
Total Base Ingredients
18 × Limestone.png Limestone

Description[edit | edit source]

The foundation 8x4 is a large block that allow the construction of ramps or the placement of Walkways. From the ground or a lower level foundation, you cannot jump on the of a 8x4 foundation without Blade Runners.

Use[edit | edit source]

The foundation not only serves to flatten your production line but also has a "grid" linked to it, which allow a perfect alignment and non colliding side-to-side structures.

Alternatively, it is strongly advised to always have enough Concrete in your inventory when you go exploring, since foundations can allow you to create bridges or reach up/down paths.