Compacted Coal

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Compacted Coal
Compacted Coal.png
A much more efficient alternative for Coal. Used as fuel for vehicles and Coal Generators.
Category Fuels
Stack Size 100
Energy (MJ) 600
Stack Energy (MJ) 60000
Burn Time 12s
Stack Burn Time 20m
Crafted In Assembler
Crafting Time 6s
Clicks Needed 2
Pieces Made 3
Resources breakdown
3 ×  Coal
3 ×  Sulfur

Compacted Coal is an improved version of Coal made by combining it with Sulfur. It burns for 12 seconds and has a fuel value of 600 MJ, which is around 2.2 times higher than Coal (which has 270 MJ). It can be fed into a Coal Generator or vehicle for a much longer burn time. Compacted Coal is commonly used in alternate recipes involving fuels and coal related items. It can be unlocked after researching a Hard Drive and selecting the "Enriched Coal" option if available, and then unlocking the relevant milestones. It cannot currently be crafted in a Craft Bench and must be automated in an Assembler. It is used for making Turbofuel, which is about 3 times as efficient as normal fuel.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

IngredientsTime (s)Product
3 ×  Coal 6 3 ×  Compacted Coal
3 ×  Sulfur
Input Buildings Ingredients Building Product
0.5 ×  Miner  Coal  (30/min)  Assembler 30/min  Compacted Coal alt
0.5 ×  Miner  Sulfur  (30/min)

Usage[edit | edit source]

Used to craft

2 ×  Sulfur 16 4 ×  Black Powder alt 1 ×  Compacted Coal 6 ×  Iron Ore 8 6 ×  Enriched Steel Ingot alt 3 ×  Compacted Coal 5 ×  Fuel 16 5 ×  Turbofuel alt 4 ×  Compacted Coal

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