Color Cartridge

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Color Cartridge
Color Cartridge.png
Ammo for the Color Gun.
Necessary to change the color of factory buildings and vehicles.
Category Ammo
Unlocked at Flower Petals Research
Stack Size 200
Sink Value 10
Blueprint Path


Energy (MJ) 900
Stack Energy (MJ) 180000
Burn Time
16.364s in Tractor
12s in Truck
10s in Explorer
6s in Cyber Wagon
Stack Burn Time
54m 32.727s in Tractor
40m in Truck
33m 20s in Explorer
20m in Cyber Wagon

The Color Cartridge is ammunition for the Color Gun. Each cartridge provides one shot for the Color Gun, regardless of the size of the colored object or even if a paintable object was hit or not.

Color Cartridge can also be used as a fuel for Vehicles, and at 900 MJ it is, in fact, the 3rd most energy efficient non-radioactive fuel item in the game after  Battery (6000 MJ) and  Packaged Turbofuel (2000 MJ). It can't be used as a fuel for Biomass Burner or other generators though.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Color Cartridge
25 × Flower Petals.png
Flower Petals
37.5 / min
40 sec
Manual crafting.png × 20
50 × Color Cartridge.png
Color Cartridge
75 / min

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