Circuit Board

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Circuit Board
Circuit Board.png
Circuit Boards are advanced electronics that are used in a plethora of different ways.
Stage Expansion
Crafting Time 12
Clicks Needed 3
Pieces Made 1
Resources breakdown [Expand]
12 × Wire.png Wire
6 × Plastic.png Plastic
Total Base Ingredients
8 × Crude Oil.png Crude Oil
4 × Copper Ore.png Copper Ore

Usage[edit | edit source]

Used to craft
1 Circuit Board.png Circuit Board 1 A.I. Limiter.png A.I. Limiter
18 20x20px High-Speed Wire
Circuit Board.png Circuit Board 1 20x20px Advanced Circuit Board
20x20px High-Speed Wire
5 Circuit Board.png Circuit Board 1 Computer.png Computer
12 Cable.png Cable
18 Plastic.png Plastic
60Screw.png Screw
3 Heavy Modular Frame.png Heavy Modular Frame 1 Fuel Generator.png Fuel Generator
5 Motor.png Motor
5 Circuit Board.png Circuit Board
25Cable.png Cable
25 Cable.png Cable 1 Jetpack.png Jetpack
3 Circuit Board.png Circuit Board
25 Plastic.png Plastic
50Rubber.png Rubber