Solid items have defined stack size. Within the stack size, multiple items of the same kind are automatically grouped into a single slot in engineer's or building's inventory. If more than that, items are overflowed into the next slot.

  • Most production buildings have only 1 slot for each kind of input and output items. If any of the the output stack is full, the building will pause until the slot is not full.
  • Storages and vehicles generally have multiple slots to store large amount of items.
  • Dropped items always attempt to group in stacks.
  • Most equipment do not stack - they have stack size of 1.
  • The stack size of solid items can be 1, 50, 100, 200, or 500.

Fluids do not have a defined stack size under normal circumstances - they must be contained in a pipeline. Its packaged form, however, can be stacked like other solid items.

  • In many fluid-related buildings such as a Refinery, they are limits to the buildings input and output fluid slot, measured in m3.
  • Certain glitches allow the fluid to be contained in slots, such as when dismantling a Freight Car loaded with fluid.

Splitting stack

In the inventory window Tab ↹, Keyboard White Mouse Right.png to split a stack into halves. Holding down Keyboard White Mouse Right.png on the stack enables custom splitting, use the slider or manual input the desired number of split item.

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