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An Assembler, one of many buildings in Satisfactory.

A Building is a structure that an engineer can place using the Construction Tool. Buildings, like Vehicles, can be painted any color.[1] Buildings can never be damaged, so require no upkeep. There are a total of 24 unique buildings not including Foundations, Vehicles, etc.[2]

Progression[edit | edit source]

Different building tech will be unlock-able via multiple means, such as gaining access to new resources while exploring the world.[3] Once unlocked, new buildings will be highlighted in the build menu until the engineer hovers over them.

Clock Speed[edit | edit source]

Main article: Clock Speed

Production and power buildings, such as the Constructor or Biomass Burner, can have their clock speed changed to anything between 1% and 250%. For production buildings, this allows them to operate slower or faster at the cost of greatly reduced or increased power usage. For power buildings, more or less power can be produced at the cost of increased or decreased fuel burn time.

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