Blade Runners

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Blade Runners
Blade Runners.png
A exoskeleton for your lower legs that assist your movement, allowing you to sprint faster and jump higher.
Also dampens the impact of landing.
Type Body
Stack Size 1
Sink Value 4 988
Blueprint Path


Crafted In Equipment Workshop
Crafting Time 1m 20s
Manual Crafting Manual crafting.png×20
Pieces Made 1
Modular Frame.png
Resources breakdown [Expand]
50 ×  Quickwire
3 ×  Modular Frame
5 ×  Reinforced Iron Plate
27 ×  Iron Plate
41 ×  Iron Ingot
41 ×  Iron Ore
54 ×  Screw
14 ×  Iron Rod
14 ×  Iron Ingot
14 ×  Iron Ore
18 ×  Iron Rod
18 ×  Iron Ingot
18 ×  Iron Ore
3 ×  Rotor
75 ×  Screw
19 ×  Iron Rod
19 ×  Iron Ingot
19 ×  Iron Ore
15 ×  Iron Rod
15 ×  Iron Ingot
15 ×  Iron Ore
Total Base Ingredients
30 ×  Caterium Ore
106 ×  Iron Ore

A pair of equipped Blade Runners increase the engineer's movement speed by 50%, allow the engineer to jump higher and reduce fall damage. They are unlocked as a part of the Caterium research tree in the M.A.M.

Note: Fall damage test has to be redone because in Patch fall damage was made "more linear", which may affect breaking points stated below.

Regular Blade Runners
Running speed 8.89 m/s
32 km/h
13.33 m/s
48 km/h
Jump height 2 m 4 m
Maximum fall without taking damage 13 m 20.5 m
Maximum survivable fall (at full health) 69 m ∞ m

Blade Runners cap the maximum fall damage at 95 health points or 9.5 health segments.

It is advised to obtain this equipment as soon as possible. The engineer will then be able to jump onto a Storage Container.png Storage Container or Conveyor Splitter.png Conveyor Splitter/Merger, which makes factory building much easier. Also, crossing distances is faster by 50%.