Packaged Liquid Biofuel

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Packaged Liquid Biofuel
Packaged Liquid Biofuel.png
Packaged Liquid Biofuel, either converted into electricity or as fuel for vehicles.
Unlocked at Tier 5
Stack Size 100
Sink Value 370
Energy (MJ) 750
Stack Energy (MJ) 75000
Burn Time
25s in Biomass Burner
13.636s in Tractor
10s in Truck
8.333s in Explorer
Stack Burn Time
41m 40s in Biomass Burner
22m 43.636s in Tractor
16m 40s in Truck
13m 53.333s in Explorer

Packaged Liquid Biofuel is a packaged version of Liquid Biofuel that can be carried in inventories and transported via Conveyor Belts and Vehicles instead of Pipelines.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

IngredientsTime (s)Product
2 ×  Liquid Biofuel 3 2 ×   Packaged Liquid Biofuel
2 ×  Empty Canister
Input Buildings Ingredients Building Product
0.67 ×  Refinery  Liquid Biofuel  (40/min)  Refinery40/min   Packaged Liquid Biofuel
0.67 ×  Constructor Empty Canister  (40/min)

Usage[edit | edit source]

Packaged Liquid Biofuel can be used as a fuel for vehicles or in Biomass Burner to produce electricity. It cannot be used to power the Jetpack or the Chainsaw.

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

IngredientsTime (s)Product
2 ×  Packaged Liquid Biofuel 2 2 ×   Unpackage Liquid Biofuel
2 ×  Empty Canister

Gallery[edit | edit source]