Alpha Spitter

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Alpha Spitter (Green)
Spitter alpha green.png
More rare version that spits fast moving green fire projectiles
Hitpoints 80
Damage 0-20 (fireball)
5 (close range)
Behavior Hostile
Alien Organs.png
Alpha Spitter (Red)
Alpha Spitter.png
A quadrupedal horned creature that spits big red fire projectiles
Hitpoints 60
Damage 0-10 (fireball)
10 (close range)
Attack Range 80?m
Behavior Hostile
Alien Organs.png

Alpha Spitters are the larger and more powerful variant of the Spitter. They come in 2 colors: Red and Green.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Hostile ranged creature. Attacks the player on sight with its fireball attack.

Red Alpha Spitter[edit | edit source]

  • The more common variant, specialized in scattered-shot. It has two ranged attack modes: a scatter shot which fires several fireballs at once when the engineer is at mid-range, and at longer range it fires a red orb that floats in mid air that shoots several long range fireballs on behalf of the spitter itself. Its attacks are slow and loosely aimed in the general direction of the engineer, this also means some of its attacks can be dodged even when standing still. Take note it can fire an orb and then fire another scatter shot for a combo attack. The orb can be cancelled by shooting it with Rifle.
  • At close range the red spitter fires a melee fireball that knocks the engineer backward.
  • All of its attacks deal 10 damage each. If the engineer is hit by several fireballs, the damage taken is summed.
  • Its fireball attack is slightly explosive upon contacting a surface.
  • When multiple Alpha spitters attacks, they have friendly fire, so it is possible for them to hurt each other.

Green Alpha Spitter[edit | edit source]

  • The rarer variant, specialized in long range attack, has two ranged attack modes: a green floating orb that quickly shoots several long-range fireballs that deals 10 damage per hit, and a single shot large green fireball that deals 20 damage. It has more HP than the red. Its attack are faster, travel in almost straight line and are more focused at the engineer but, to dodge it, you just have to change the way you are moving.
  • At close range, the green spitter fires a melee fireball that that knocks the engineer backward and does 5 damage.
  • Its fireball attack is slightly explosive upon contacting a surface.

Melee Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Equip a Xeno-Basher, approach it with care.
  • Make sure you have at least 50 HP left to tank its melee attack.
  • As they spit fire orbs at you, dodge sideways. change your movement patterns, they can still fire at where you are going to be.
  • Try spamming melee attacks on them. They will try to knockback you with their short range fireball, but with much lower damage - only 10 HP per attack. Their melee attack can't be dodged.
  • After a few rounds, they should be dead.
  • You can build Equipment Workshop nearby them as a cover. Take note their fireball is slightly explosive, which means their splash effect still can penetrate the wall.
  • Once they start to begin the melee animation try to distance yourself, they cannot stop midway and you will get a window to attack with no damage as they try to recover from the miss

Long range combat[edit | edit source]

  • Use Rifle to snipe them from a distance. Don't enter their aggro range. If you stay far enough they won't even care if you are shooting at them.
  • If you enter their aggro range, they will come after you as you shoot.
  • If you move too near, they will be aware that you are shooting at them and they will start attacking back.

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