Alpha Spitter

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Alpha Spitter
Alpha Spitter.png
A quadrupedal horned creature that spits big fire projectiles
Hitpoints 15/16
Behavior Hostile
Alien Organs.png

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Aggressive Creature. Attacks the player on sight with a big, exploding fireball that quickly splits into more, smaller fireballs with red color.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Get a rebar gun and quite a few healing items. Close combat is suicide. Try not to get hit with too many fireballs at once - they'll deplete an engineers life nearly completely within one volley. Try to find some cover (or build some beforehand or use the tractor) - shoot whenever possible and duck behind cover to heal.

As the alpha spitters cannot damage engineer when the engineer literally moved INTO their body, a quicker but risker way is to use Xeno-Basher and spam melee attacks.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Two known variations exist:

  • Red: This is the most common variant and fires red orbs, which in turn, shoots red fireballs.
  • Green: This is a much lesser known variation that resides farther away from the starting location. It usually guards an artifact or a precious resource, and its attack pattern is different. It stays at long range and attacks in a pattern similar to the smaller spitters, but has two shot modes. The main attack is a single extremely fast green fireball that is difficult to dodge unless you are at far range. The other attack happens less often and shoots a volley of about 8-12 green fireballs at engineer in a tight cone shape in rapid succession. Unless using cover, fights happen at long range and requires shot prediction with rebar gun.

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