Alpha Hog

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Alpha Hog
Alpha Hog.png
Hitpoints 16
Behavior Hostile
Alien Carapace.png

The Alpha Hog is the larger version of Fluffy-tailed Hog which is red in color and much larger size.

The Alpha Hog usually patrols around Wreckages, Power Slugs or artifacts.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

The creature is hostile towards engineers and will charge at them. It will however ignore tractors (even with a player in them). If the Hog gets attacked while the player is standing on a platform out of reach of the hog, it will flee. It has two attack patterns: A charge attack which deals 2 damage each hit, and a bite attack that deals 3 damage. Be warned, its charge attack is more difficult to dodge than that of a normal hog. It is advised to build temporary Ladder and shoot it with Rebar Gun. If it tries to escape, you can trap it with walls.

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