Alien Organs

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Alien Organs
Alien Organs.png
Organs from alien creatures.
Unlocked at Alien Organisms - Alien Organs
Stack Size 50
Blueprint Path


Energy 250 MJ
Stack Energy 12.5 GJ
Burn Time
8.333s in Biomass Burner
4.545s in Tractor
3.333s in Truck
2.778s in Explorer
1.667s in Cyber Wagon
Stack Burn Time
6m 56.667s in Biomass Burner
3m 47.273s in Tractor
2m 46.667s in Truck
2m 18.889s in Explorer
1m 23.333s in Cyber Wagon

Alien Organs are a biomass item which can be retrieved from dead Spitters and Stingers. It can be directly used as fuel in the Biomass Burner or vehicles, or for crafting Medicinal Inhalers.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Alien Organs can be obtained from dead Spitters and Stingers. This hostile fauna can drop a varying number of Alien Organs.

  • Spitters drop one Alien Organ on death.
  • Alpha Spitters drop 2-3 Alien Organs on death.
  • Small Stingers drop 1-2 Alien Organs on death.
  • Large Stingers drop three Alien Organs on death.
  • Elite Stingers drop five Alien Organs on death.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Research[edit | edit source]

 Alien Organs reveals the Alien Organisms Research chain in the M.A.M..png M.A.M. when picked up.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Biomass (Alien Organs)
1 × Alien Organs.png
Alien Organs
7.5 / min
8 sec
Manual crafting.png × 4
200 × Biomass.png
1500 / min
0.16 MJ / item
Alien Organisms - Organic Properties
Medicinal Inhaler: Alien Organs
3 × Alien Organs.png
Alien Organs
5 × Mycelia.png
Equipment Workshop
Manual crafting.png × 5
1 × Medicinal Inhaler.png
Medicinal Inhaler
Alien Organisms - Medicinal Inhaler

AWESOME Sink[edit | edit source]

 Alien Organs cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.

Tips[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]