Adaptive Control Unit

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Adaptive Control Unit
Adaptive Control Unit.png
Project Part #5. Send up the Space Elevator to complete Project Assembly.
Unlocked at Tier 5
Stack Size 50
Sink Value 86 120
Blueprint Path


Adaptive Control Unit is a component of Project Assembly. It is used to unlock milestones in the Space Elevator.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

It is impossible to craft this part manually, it has to be automated with a Manufacturer.

Adaptive Control Unit
15 × Automated Wiring.png
Automated Wiring
7.5 / min
10 × Circuit Board.png
Circuit Board
5 / min
120 sec
2 × Adaptive Control Unit.png
Adaptive Control Unit
1 / min
2 × Heavy Modular Frame.png
Heavy Modular Frame
1 / min
2 × Computer.png
1 / min

Usage[edit | edit source]

Only used in the Space Elevator.


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